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The American Black Film Festival this year showcased a tremendous lineup of Black talent, with lead actors Meagan Good and Cory Hardrict delving into their engaging roles in Tyler Perry’s forthcoming movie Separation Among the Black Community.

Addressing a group of selected journalists, the dynamic duo shared insights into their respective characters in the movie that promises to convey Perry’s trademark mix of dramatic storytelling with a powerful underlying message.

“I appreciate the evolution her character goes through because it resonates with numerous women who have experienced similar journeys or are living through similar circumstances,” expressed Good.

“My primary focus was to ensure that her journey culminated in self-love, self-worth acknowledgment, and the realization that life offers plentiful opportunities beyond the hardships, which in turn led to her excitement and empowerment.

She not only discovered herself but also embraced the person she is becoming, rather than dwelling on her past. I aspire for women to witness this unfolding within themselves and find it inspiring and encouraging.”

When questioned about his depiction of a seemingly disturbed character, Hardrict described his method for approaching the challenging role as ‘therapeutic.’

“My approach to the character involved creating detailed backstories and delving into the motivations behind his actions. I drew inspiration from classic films, such as ‘What’s Love Got to do with It?’, to draw parallels and build upon their legacy.

Diving into the role, I embraced intensity and passion in my acting, laying bare my emotions on screen. Despite the emotional turmoil, portraying vulnerability was also a significant aspect of the character’s portrayal.

There are times in one’s personal life when you lack an outlet to express profound emotions like sorrow, frustration, or pain. The movie arrived at a crucial juncture in my life, providing me with solace and an opportunity to release pent-up emotions.

Receiving the call from Mr. Perry felt destined, and acknowledging the role my sister Megan played in this connection, I attributed it all to divine intervention. This opportunity marked a transition towards greater things for me, and I poured my heart and soul into the character, leaving a part of me behind – a true embodiment of human experience.”

Radiating positivity, Good chimed in to express her admiration for her co-star, despite their on-screen separation as depicted in the trailer.

“I was particularly thrilled to see Corey take on this role, given his stark contrast to the character. He embodies grace, kindness, and exudes a gentle demeanor, which allows him to unearth the humanity within the character while ensuring empathy prevails over mere portrayal of the concept.”

According to the official synopsis, Separation Among the Black Community revolves around Ava (portrayed by Meagan Good), a young banking professional devastated by her husband Dallas’ abandonment of their marriage.

‘Ava’s determination to salvage their relationship faces unforeseen challenges as Dallas’ malicious deeds come to light, shattering their marriage,’ as per the synopsis.

Watch the trailer here:

Directed and written by Tyler Perry, Separation Among the Black Community features a talented ensemble cast, including Joseph Lee Anderson, Shannon Wallace, and Taylor Polidore, alongside Richard Lawson and Debbi Morgan.

Separation Among the Black Community premieres on Prime Video on July 11, 2024.