The New York Times has entered the fray in the clash over “inexpensive counterfeit” videos, a term the White House has recently assisted in promoting in response to footage of Biden appearing significantly aged.

Over the past fortnight, right-wing news sources, the Republican National Committee, and the Trump campaign have spread videos of Mr. Biden that omitted crucial context and distorted ordinary moments to portray him in a negative light. Among other instances, they gave the impression that the president:

Strayed away during a gathering with other Group of 7 leaders, an image that The New York Post featured on its front page (he was welcoming paratroopers)

This is exceedingly vexing and unintelligent. To begin with, the original video that circulated online explicitly showed the paratrooper that Biden was attempting to converse with. Here’s a comparison of the original clip and what CBS alleged was a manipulated version. They are indistinguishable.

Thus, the primary issue with this analysis is that there is no counterfeit in this inexpensive counterfeit. However, the more substantial issue is that upon careful observation, it is abundantly evident that Biden did wander off. There is a landing space directly in front of the assembled G7 leaders who are evidently conscious that cameras are positioned in front of them to capture their responses to the spectacle. This is a typical photo opportunity, and they are expected to project themselves as a unified assembly of international leaders. All of them are gazing in the same direction except Biden, and then, as he shifts his gaze to the side, France’s Macron also shifts in tandem.

Pay close attention to the ensuing sequence. As Biden drifts off to the right of the screen, Ursula von der Leyen from the EU Commission utters something that apparently eludes his hearing. Subsequently, as he traverses away, she glances towards him. Macron then dutifully fills the void that Biden has created from the rest of the group, and Italian PM Meloni also gravitates in that direction, seemingly catching Macron’s eye as she does so. Essentially, the entire contingent of leaders reshuffles itself to prevent Biden from isolating himself, and then Meloni seizes his arm and pivots him towards the cameras. Watch for yourself:

This footage unequivocally depicts precisely what it purports, Joe Biden straying and necessitating direction from a cohort of leaders striving to avert him from disrupting the photographic opportunity. In essence, they were warranted in their actions because an image of Biden alone or with his back towards everyone else could spark its own narrative, such as America Loses Interest in European Leaders or something akin. There is no shying away from the fact that Biden lost concentration on the task at hand in that instance, and everyone present noted it and strove to ameliorate the situation for him.

Here is another instance. This one was corroborated by the Associated Press:

ASSERTION: Biden froze on stage during his fundraiser in Los Angeles on Saturday night and had to be guided away by Obama.

THE VERACITY: Biden paused amidst cheers and applause as he exited the stage alongside his forerunner after an interview moderated by late-night host Kimmel…

Supplementary footage from the event furnished to The Associated Press by Biden’s campaign spokesperson James Singer demonstrates the president waving, pointing, applauding, and giving a thumbs-up to the audience alongside Obama, while Kimmel lingers to the side. Biden then halts for approximately seven seconds, gazing out at the audience. He resumes movement when Obama briefly clasps his arm and places his hand on his back as they exit the stage.

I observe Biden standing there motionless for 8 seconds, but the crux is that it only concluded then because Obama seized his arm to escort him to the exit. Had Obama not intervened, Biden might have remained immobile for a much lengthier period. Once again, it’s facile for the Democratic sympathizers in the media to assert that there is no issue here, but once more, the individuals around Biden felt compelled to intervene. He was being ushered offstage, and he displayed no movement. Obama took initiative, akin to the actions of Macron and Meloni during the G7 gathering.

Why do the individuals surrounding President Biden feel compelled to physically guide him? That is the question the media should be probing, rather than inundating us with all this gibberish regarding “inexpensive counterfeits.” It is heartening to observe that numerous readers of the NY Times are not swayed by the narrative. Here is the leading comment on the aforementioned story.

Indeed, there are edited videos that depict him as aged and, occasionally, befuddled.

There are also unaltered videos that showcase him as aged and, occasionally, befuddled.

And the second most upvoted comment, with nearly 400 approvals:

Telling individuals they are not perceiving what they are witnessing will not prove effective.

Here’s an insightful one:

Many of these videos are neither deceptive nor counterfeit. They remain unadulterated, extracted from pool cameras, and they are disconcerting. Joe Biden appears exactly as he is, a frail elderly man who evidently is not apt for another four-year term as president. The videos could not be any more blatant, and it is fundamentally deceitful to assert they are counterfeit. They represent the melancholic reality, and he ought to refer to the visual documentation and then withdraw from this campaign.

A compelling point is articulated here. Why not simply undertake some interviews to demonstrate that Biden is up to the task?

There exist very straightforward avenues for Mr. Biden to dispel this perception – press conferences, live interviews with adversarial press, release of the audio from his deposition, etc. If he truly possesses the acuity that his advocates believe, then this is the superlative approach to address the matter. The fact that none of this has materialized speaks volumes.

I could veritably continue ad infinitum with this. There exist myriad additional comments akin to these, each boasting copious endorsements. The populace is simply not embracing the narrative.

The verity is that Biden is markedly advanced in age, an observation apparent to anyone who observes. It is equally manifest to several of the individuals in his direct proximity when he appears momentarily disoriented, hence the continual need to physically guide him. Nevertheless, the White House will persist in propagating this preposterous rebuttal about inexpensive counterfeits because they recognize this constitutes their primary adverse challenge in the election. Should they somehow coerce individuals into disregarding the explicit evidence perceptible to their own eyes, their prospects of triumph will be vastly enhanced.