During an interview aimed at reassuring anxious Democrats, President Biden struggled to recall whether he had watched a replay of the presidential debate, contributing to his lackluster performance. His statements did not sway opinions.

Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC), a staunch Biden supporter, played a key role in securing Biden’s victory in 2020. Clyburn, who remains loyal to Biden, had been vocal in defending Biden’s debate performance. However, Clyburn unexpectedly canceled his appearance on CBS’s show Face the Nation, just 22 minutes after his appearance was promoted.

In the interview, Biden mentioned Clyburn as one of the influential Democrats urging him to stay in the race.

The sudden cancellation created an awkward situation.

As a replacement for Clyburn, Face the Nation managed to secure Bernie Sanders. Sanders, while supporting Biden, chose to criticize former President Trump rather than offer strong praise for Biden. Sanders’ remarks on Biden’s expenditure on climate change, an issue not top of mind for voters, seemed out of touch.

Did Clyburn receive advance notice of Biden’s interview with Stephanopoulos? It seems plausible considering the timing of the cancellation. With Biden’s team leaking information, Clyburn may have had second thoughts about facing questions on Biden’s candidacy.

Biden’s dwindling support has alarmed Democrats, with some House members calling for his withdrawal from the race. A meeting coordinated by Senator Mark Warner (D-VA) with Democratic senators might bring about a change in the party’s stance.

Warner is reportedly urging Biden to withdraw from the race following his poor debate performance, expressing concerns about Biden’s ability to compete against Donald Trump. Warner’s spokesperson declined to confirm Warner’s stance, emphasizing the critical nature of these days for the president’s campaign.

When Biden was asked about Warner’s meeting, he insinuated that Warner’s motivations were influenced by past failures in seeking the nomination, although Warner had never run for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Biden’s struggles with basic questions raise concerns about his ability to handle important diplomatic discussions. His admission of needing more rest and his limited work hours underscore the need for a full-time president. With America facing numerous challenges, a part-time leader like Biden may not be sufficient.