Anthony Edwards – Source: Ethan Miller / Getty

When discussing his involvement with Team USA, Anthony Edwards demonstrates confidence in his abilities, considering himself the top choice even when playing alongside LeBron James, Steph Curry, and Kevin Durant.

We are rapidly approaching the 2024 Paris Olympics, with all attention focused on the USA Men’s Basketball team. The event kicks off on Friday, July 26th and concludes on Sunday, August 11th. The men’s lineup boasts a star-studded cast including Anthony Edwards, LeBron James, Steph Curry, Anthony Davis, Joel Embid, and others.

As reported by ESPN, the fan-favorite Anthony Edwards firmly believes he holds the position of the “No. 1 option” on the team despite the exceptional talent surrounding him.

“I consider myself the top priority,” Edwards affirmed. “You may perceive it differently, but I do not.”

Edwards anticipates a significant role once the summer games commence and is prepared to put in the effort required.

“I simply go out there and express myself. … Take my shots, provide defensive stability. The others must adapt to play around me. That’s my viewpoint,” expressed Edwards.

In reality, Anthony Edwards stands as the youngest member of the team, with several more Olympic appearances potentially ahead of him. With a squad mainly composed of players heading towards the end of their careers, there is a possibility that he may have a lesser role. However, if this scenario unfolds, it is certainly not due to a lack of suitability or being the prime choice. Basketball is a team game, and the experience of others could play a significant role.

You can watch Anthony Edwards talk about this year’s summer games below.