Top model Cara Delevingne is being refreshingly truthful. In a recent dialogue with the Sunday Times, she revealed the shadowy aspects of her history, disclosing a struggle with substance misuse that commenced at a surprisingly tender age. Abstaining from alcohol since 2022, she continued with an open discussion regarding her path towards sobriety. She also spoke about the immense fire that engulfed her abode in Los Angeles in March, leading to multimillion-dollar losses.

Cara Delevingne’s $7m Los Angeles home goes up in flames

Cara Delevingne discusses her initial battles with alcohol

Cara Delevingne, the former model who transitioned to acting and made a splash in the fashion world with her inaugural runway appearance for Burberry in 2011, recently disclosed that she first became intoxicated at 8 years old. Cara shared that it occurred at her aunt’s wedding in 2001 and despite not being of legal age, ‘I became drunk that day,’ she reminisced. ‘I was eight, what a wild age to get drunk.’”

“I previously believed substances and alcohol assisted me in managing,” she conveyed to the publication. “In reality, they left me feeling melancholic and extremely desolate. I now sense that I have reclaimed my strength and am no longer under the control of external forces.”

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In 2022, the model made the decision to relinquish her past behaviors and embarked on the journey to sobriety. Nonetheless, she indicated that she faces no challenges while socializing with friends at gatherings where alcoholic beverages are present. She now attends all parties, functions, and festivals soberly. She reminisced about attending the recent Glastonbury festival without imbibing and feeling fatigued, unable to remain awake late into the night. Despite this, she acknowledged it was enjoyable and expressed a desire to perpetuate her new way of life.

The episode that persuaded her to abandon drinking

As per People magazine, the 31-year-old recounted an instance where she observed paparazzi snapping photos of her following the 2022 Burning Man festival. She delineated it as a profound ‘reality check’ for her.

“Look, I enlisted for this, this is my profession, it’s what I engage in. But without that, would I be sober now? I would never have portrayed Sally Bowles in the West End, something I take immense pride in,” she stated, alluding to her recent role.

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Cara Delevingne recollects devastating fire at her Los Angeles residence

On March 15, reports emerged about the model’s domicile in Studio City, California, being engulfed in flames. Cara encountered a significant financial setback; nevertheless, she mentioned that if she had not been sober, she would still be struggling to cope with it.

“It would still deeply impact me. Undeniably, it saddened me, it’s incredibly disheartening,” she expressed. “It continues to sadden me. However, I do not utilize it as a mechanism to keep myself in a state of despair.”