As a fresh week begins, we present a new collection of zodiac insights to aid your preparation for the upcoming days by discovering the celestial guidance ahead!

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Here is another assortment of astrological predictions, brought to you by everyone’s favorite – Psychic Zya.

Horoscope Highlights:

This week observes a tranquil celestial atmosphere with Neptune & Saturn Retrograde in Pisces taking center stage.

These planetary alignments are conducive for nurturing spiritual routines, pursuing careers in holistic practices, conducting prosperity rituals, and encountering karmic repercussions.

Be mindful of the Venus transit into Leo on 7/11, inspiring a sense of allure and a desire to shine bright in social settings.

Celebrate this transition by embracing glamour and socializing with friends and partners.

Let’s now uncover what this week holds for each zodiac sign:


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Several individuals will encounter a swift spiritual evolution catalyzed by a reunion with a past acquaintance/enemy or partner, while simultaneously unearthing latent sacred talents encoded in their DNA memory. Sounds surreal? It is! But in a positive manner. To anchor these fresh energies in your emotional being, partake in saltwater baths, engage in Root Chakra meditations, and meditate while seated with a piece of hematite crystal on your lap.

Warning Sign: Address any unresolved tax obligations promptly, as there is a potential risk of financial garnishment leading to substantial disruptions.

Optimal Phase: Explore the influence of different lunar phases by performing simple rituals aligned with each phase to discern their intuitive and energetic impacts on you.

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