By the summer of 2025, North Carolina will launch digital driver’s licenses, offering residents an alternative to the conventional, physical licenses.

Individuals who choose to participate will have their digital identification stored in a secure application on their smartphone, as stated by ZDNET. This license will contain the same details as a physical ID and can be modified as necessary. Some states permit the inclusion of IDs in Apple Wallet or Google Wallet on mobile devices.

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The state is now part of a growing roster of states with active or evolving digital license initiatives: Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Iowa, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, Missouri, New York, and Utah. A dozen other states are in the process of launching the program, with projects either in early development stages or soon to be rolled out.

Back in 2018, Louisiana became the pioneer in introducing this initiative, with 66 percent of eligible adults adopting a digital ID by 2023. The appeal of the ID likely lies in its convenience, even though individuals may still harbor concerns regarding security. According to, setting up features for these digital IDs requires biometric authentication, followed by supplementary verification.