Through Twitchy and Colin Rugg, a video has surfaced that demands attention but is self-explanatory. Both John Kirby and Karine Jean-Pierre confirmed today at the White House that Joe Biden will finally participate in a legitimate press conference later this week, a common practice for past administrations until recently. Amid the COVID pandemic, Trump would conduct press briefings exhaustively, whereas the Biden administration has provided limited access to the president for questions.

Now, with increasing demands to assess Biden’s fitness for office, the White House has had no choice but to make him accessible for extensive and unscripted media inquiries. The term used to describe the upcoming press event by a journalist speaks volumes about their perception of Biden, and the endorsement of this term by Kirby and Jean-Pierre underscores the lack of seriousness with which the White House is addressing Biden’s credibility crisis:

Kirby: “Following that, the president is set to hold a press conference. I suppose we are calling it a Grown-Up press conference.”

Setting aside the belittlement implied by this term towards Biden, by both the journalist and Biden’s two spokespeople, their adoption of this term fails to display a strong rapport with the electorate that was dismayed by Biden’s debate performance… and the subsequent cover-up it exposed. #YOLO LOL, or something.

This is far from the worst conduct exhibited at the podium by either of them. The manipulation and deceit that have been executed are much more severe. Nevertheless, this nonchalant attitude portrays the sheer disdain this administration holds for voters as well as the journalists eagerly awaiting a “grown-up press conference” from Biden, along with interviews not pre-screened with approved questions.

Speaking of which… will the reporters in the White House press corps address this issue with Biden when — or maybe if — the press conference materializes this week? Don’t get your hopes up.