Well. In the event that President Biden has lost the backing of performer and producer Rob Reiner, circumstances are getting challenging. 

Reiner is a significant contributor to the Democrat Party. He engages in fundraising occasions. He has been a faithful Biden advocate. Now he is aligning with other major contributors in urging Biden to step down. 

A little more than a week ago, Reiner held a fundraising event with Kamala for current officeholders. It’s sufficient to cause someone to feel dizzy. Democrat contributors are abandoning ship at an escalating pace at this juncture even though most were still supporting Biden just a few days ago.

Reiner is truly dedicated to the charade that if former President Trump is re-elected, American democracy will be lost. He aligns with recent appeals for Biden to exit from the race from Netflix’s Reed Hastings and Abigail Disney. Reiner mentioned that it is more crucial to protect American democracy from Trump than for “the at times uncertain and meandering” Biden to remain in his re-election campaign. 

Reiner characterized Biden as an individual who has served the nation with “integrity, respectability, and grace.” No more. Enough with the foolishness. Nobody believes that or the polling on his popularity wouldn’t be historically the lowest of any president in contemporary times. That fabricated portrayal of Biden is part of the significant untruth perpetuated by Democrats. They misinformed Americans for nearly four years with a deceitful administration

Conceivably more than prior big contributors or even high-ranking elected Democrats urging the diminishing-poll Biden’s withdrawal from the race, Reiner is a significant force for change. A resolute supporter of not solely Joe Biden, but Democratic candidates across the board over the years, losing Reiner is almost akin to losing the grandmothers at Stalingrad for the president.

Reiner and spouse Michele hosted an event with the VP on June 29 in LA. Merely two days after the president’s faltering live appearance on CNN against a falsehood-spreading but energized Trump. That evening, the Vice President was candid(ish) about the “obvious issue.” The former California Senator acknowledged what everyone witnessed firsthand, that Biden did not have his “finest” moment. A loyal soldier, the Veep nonetheless stated that nothing in the campaign had actually altered due to “a day in June” and that Biden would triumph over Trump.

Biden must depart. 

Many Democrats openly state that they still back Biden but others acknowledge that the likelihood of Biden overcoming Trump in November is diminishing with each passing day. 

Biden is in a dilemma. If he stays hidden, as he did during the 2020 campaign, he will seem as though he is evading making himself accessible. However, when he attends events, he invariably says something that highlights his mental decline. 

The step from Reiner is a sign to others that it is acceptable to openly cease supporting Biden. ‘He’s done for,” another notable Hollywood director stated.

Two other significant contributors drifted away from Biden over the weekend.

Ahead of Biden’s conversation with ABC News on Friday, former PayPal CEO Bill Harris revealed he has contributed $2 million to the new political action committee Democrats for the Next Generation, with the purpose of aiding several discussions among contenders for the nomination if Biden discontinues his campaign.

On Saturday, real estate developer Rick Caruso tweeted in reaction to a Los Angeles Times article that urged Biden to withdraw from the race, “I deeply respect Joe Biden’s lifetime of service to our country. Nonetheless, the point @LATstevelopez makes in this column is the correct one. In this crucial period, in this significant election, stepping back is the right and honorable action for President Biden to take.”

Team Biden is in for another arduous week. No sympathy here. They were complicit in the grand untruth and now they can confront it.