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My coworker David Corn recently discussed Project 2025, a public strategy developed by the Heritage Foundation with assistance from important figures in Trump’s circle that, if enforced, would essentially dismantle the country’s system of checks and balances and grant unparalleled authority to the presidency. As its name evidently indicates, this severe set of public policy propositions specifically targets the year 2025 to actualize this conservative mirage.

According to Robert Shea, former high-ranking budget official for George W. Bush, stated The Atlantic: “I cannot emphasize enough my level of apprehension regarding the harm this would inflict upon the federal government’s institution. You would witness previously unlawful or unconstitutional acts erupting all over the government like a game of whack-a-mole.”

However, on Saturday, Donald Trump alleged to have “no knowledge” of Project 2025, claiming that he has “no clue” about its origins. “I differ with some of their assertions, and some of their statements are completely absurd and atrocious,” he expressed on Truth Social.

In reality, individuals who previously worked with Trump and his close allies are directly engaged in operating Project 2025. Moreover, as stated on the project’s website, “the Trump administration heavily depended on Heritage’s ‘Mandate’ for policy direction

Nonetheless, Trump’s sudden move to dissociate himself from Project 2025 coincides with the increasing public acknowledgment of the plan. During the BET Awards last month, actress Taraji P. Henson made multiple references, urging viewers to explore “Project 2025” as it spelled catastrophe for vulnerable individuals. “Project 2025 is a serious matter,” Henson emphasized. The Biden campaign issued a warning statement on Saturday indicating that the plan, which “should alarm every American,” was specifically devised for Trump by his close associates.

Could Trump’s rejection signal an uncommon vulnerability for the former president during his summer of progress? It is infrequent for masses of public policy to leave an impact on voters. Yet, by promoting a vision of unrestricted presidential authority, this 920-page extremist strategy guide may be an exception. The recent Supreme Court ruling placing the president above the law signifies that Project 2025 is no longer an inconceivable fantasy.