SAVE $150: Commencing from July 9, acquire a set of Apple AirPods Max headphones for only $399 at Amazon. This marks a 27% deduction from their regular price of $549, making it the most affordable price they have ever been offered.

If you’ve been desiring a pair of Apple’s top-tier headphones, the AirPods Max, for a while now, chances are you have been keeping an eye on their discounted price. These headphones have long held the title as the most costly status symbol for Apple audio enthusiasts. However, all that has changed today as one of the finest deals leading up to Prime Day is available on Amazon for your very own pair of Apple earphones.

Effective July 9, Amazon is offering the AirPods Max for only $399, marking their most economical price to date. This translates to a 27% reduction from their regular price of $549, equating to a $150 discount. Simply put, this is the prime moment to invest in the AirPods Max if you’re considering it.


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In her review for Delaware News Hub, Brenda Stolyar rated the headphones a 4.25, commending their “superb” noise cancellation and “chic design,” although she did mention the absence of a power button, discomfort during extended wear, and their high price point.

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However, regarding the audio quality, they are exceptional, as stated by Alex Perry from Delaware News Hub. He praised them for creating an immersive listening experience due to their support for spatial audio. While they may present a few minor drawbacks that could be frustrating for some users, if you’ve been awaiting a price reduction to secure the AirPods Max, now is the time to seize this Amazon offer.