Indeed, but not in the way people may expect. Joe Biden has undeniably become furious following his embarrassing debate performance, erupting on Morning Joe and elsewhere, seemingly trying to display fervor. The outcome appears to be an Irritated Elderly Man instead, as it was yesterday morning when Biden rambled on the phone to Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski about his fitness for office:

There’s further information available at Twitchy. Nonetheless, Furious Joe is not a recent persona. Biden has utilized that character throughout most of his career, genuinely in situations where the common people dare to oppose him. It is gradually becoming the only role remaining in his repertoire, and several times during the debate Biden tried, mostly unsuccessfully, to unleash it.

When Benjy Sarlin discusses Biden going MAD at Semafor, he is not referring to mental health issues or cognitive deterioration. MAD represents the old Cold War policy of mutually assured destruction, and Biden has chosen to employ it against fellow Democrats to retain control:

 President Biden has not made significant headway in persuading Democrats that he is still capable of facing Donald Trump post their debate. However, he has made progress on another front: Making it clear that he will bring down the entire party with him if they persist in attempting to oust him.

In reality, as Sarlin elaborates, Biden seems to be adopting a tactic from the playbook of the man he claims to despise:

“It very much reminded me of Trump,” stated one Democratic strategist after Biden’s call-in to Morning Joe (which was once a favored spot for Trump, incidentally). “Strategically, Biden’s phone call was adopting a maneuver from the Trump playbook,” a Republican strategist commented.

Throughout the past decade, Trump frequently employed threats against party leaders to gain leverage in case they ever turned against him.

This is another persona that Biden adopts more frequently than sporadically — Mean Joe. Biden has been a brutal agitator throughout his career, notably when he informed a black audience that Mitt Romney wanted “to shackle you all.” (Mitt. Romney.) When he feels threatened, Biden strikes back, usually without mercy. The sole significant difference in this situation is that he is targeting Democrats, and that is because Democrats are currently the most immediate threat to his control.

That’s why a significant portion of the evaluation misses the mark concerning this predicament. Analysts and even some Democratic officials appear to believe they can persuade Biden to step down by praising his (utterly disgraceful) tenure in office and condemning his “legacy.” It’s all absurd; Biden and his entire family are driven by a desire for power, and Biden Inc has no intention of exiting quietly into retirement unless absolutely necessary.

Currently, at least for the Bidens, it is not necessary. Withdrawal would immediately render Biden a lame duck, ending the family’s business model. In reality, the Democrats cannot compel Biden to depart; as Sarlin points out, even publicly expressing their lack of trust in Biden won’t lead to an easy resignation but would likely result in a chaotic convention that would be reminiscent of Chicago in 1968:

But Biden’s significant advantage here is that compelling him to step aside is nearly impossible; he has already secured the backing of an overwhelming majority of convention delegates, who are obligated to support him. Some Democrats have vaguely hinted that Biden has a major decision to make, or suggested he consult with his family, hoping to offer him a chance to potentially exit voluntarily. However, if this approach is unsuccessful, the next step would involve organizing members to demand he relinquish power — perhaps initially in private but then vocally if he refuses.

It’s not a very appealing prospect. If Biden truly intends to engage in a Democratic internal conflict, it would result in heading into the convention season with key portions of the party expressing doubts about their nominee on the record and pro-Biden factions accusing them of subversion, all while Republicans sit back and observe. Biden has been actively seeking support from Black Democrats and labor unions — Congressional Black Caucus Chair Steven Horsford endorsed Biden on Monday — setting the stage for a potentially uncomfortable racial and class-based dispute as well.

It is essentially a MAD situation. Democrats could potentially manipulate the regulations to remove Biden from the ticket, but it would appear as a political-party coup d’etat and a direct contradiction of the “democracy” that Democrats claim to defend against Trump. It would lay bare all the inconsistencies within their factional agreements presently, particularly those along racial and class divides, as Sarlin implies. The repercussions of such turmoil would reverberate down to the 2024 ballot and might produce aftershocks well into 2026 and 2028.

The most straightforward approach at this juncture is to retain Biden on the ticket while redirecting fundraising efforts lower down the hierarchy. Democrats could be forced to accept the reality and plan for a four-year Trump administration, hoping to regroup afterward. But it will take a considerable amount of time for the taint of this cover-up to fade, and even longer if Democrats attempt to revive it. In various ways, the MAD event has already transpired, and neither Biden nor the remaining Democrats have comprehended that yet.

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