While participating in a recent conversation with Quinta Brunson as part of Variety magazine’s Actors On Actors series, Aniston shared that although she found joy in performing in front of a live audience, Kudrow had a different perspective.

“Lisa Kudrow, in fact, disliked the audience’s laughter,” Aniston revealed to Brunson.

“Really?” Brunson responded, displaying a hint of surprise.

Aniston affirmed, saying, “It’s true, she would often say, ‘I’m not finished! It’s not that amusing!'”

ETOnline made an effort to present Kudrow’s perspective on the matter.

It turns out, she didn’t detest the audience’s laughter, but it did mildly bother her.

“No, that’s not entirely ― no, no. It would bother me when they prolonged their laughter,” Kudrow stated, tactfully remarking, “I appreciate their enthusiasm. They were very thrilled to be there.”

Nevertheless, she expressed her desire for the audience to listen to the complete dialogues because “there were more things to be communicated.”

You can view Kudrow’s full interview in the video below. Her latest show, “Time Bandits,” premieres on July 24 on Apple TV.