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Some time ago, the Ball family stirred conversation across the NBA.

Besides having a vociferous and expressive father, they boasted sons with immense potential for success in the league.

LaMelo and Lonzo were seen as the standout players in the family, both now active players in the league.

While LaMelo flourished with the Charlotte Hornets, Lonzo has had a more challenging path.

Originally picked second overall by the Los Angeles Lakers, he was later traded to the New Orleans Pelicans after two seasons.

Despite being the No. 2 pick by the Lakers, this move didn’t leave him bitter towards the team.

On a recent appearance on the “The WAE Show,” Lonzo shared his thoughts on the trade to the Pelicans.

Lonzo humorously mentioned, “I wouldn’t hesitate to trade myself for Anthony Davis.”

Lonzo acknowledged that his performance with the Lakers wasn’t at his peak, and with the inclusion of Davis in the trade, he accepted the move positively.

While entering the league with high hopes and pressure, Lonzo has faced setbacks due to injuries, hindering his full potential thus far.

He aspires to return to the Chicago Bulls for the 2024-2025 season, but his return to the court remains uncertain.

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