Could it be the inverse situation? After propelling Joe Biden into the presidency and subsequently concealing his mental deterioration, Democrats might wrongly assume that Biden recognizes he has a debt to repay to them. However, it’s plausible that the Bidens perceive that both Democrats and the nation owe him another tenure in office regardless of any incapacity he may have to fulfill its responsibilities.

This narrative could possibly elucidate the series of events post-debate, which Biden himself insisted on. Doesn’t it make sense?

Nevertheless, Aaron Blake raises a valid argument in the evening edition of the Washington Post. Democrats initially hinted at retirement subtly after the debate. However, today, Biden’s supposed allies have started abandoning subtlety, to the extent where the term ‘hint’ no longer holds much weight:

On previous occasions, Pelosi has hinted that Biden should perhaps rethink his intentions. It is one of the most notable statements so far. This is significant due to Biden’s praise of his backing from Democratic leaders like her — most of the severe critics have emerged from the grassroots — and because earlier this week, it seemed as though Biden might overcome this hurdle.

Despite this, we have continued to witness a pattern of Pelosi-like statements from Democrats — particularly in the Senate. They are not aligning with the 10 House Democrats advocating for Biden to step aside, but they are expressing opinions that are far from endorsing his continuation.

These statements underscore that it is ultimately Biden’s decision and that these Democrats will back the chosen candidate, without explicitly advocating for him.

Even this summary may no longer hold true. Even before Aaron penned this article, Colorado Democrat Michael Bennet had already conveyed on CNN last night his concern that Biden’s candidacy would deliver a “landslide” for Trump, paving the way for full GOP control of Congress. Richard Blumenthal expressed he was “deeply concerned” about Biden’s choice to persist in the race, leaving the decision open, similar to Pelosi — albeit adding that he would stand by Biden if he chose to remain in the race.

However, Senate Democrat Tim Kaine, the party’s former VP nominee in 2016, escalated matters later in the morning. Kaine urged Biden to make a “patriotic” decision concerning his candidacy:

That’s not just a hint. That’s an explicit directive: Step down!

Jon Tester is facing a challenging re-election race in Montana, and the situation has undoubtedly left him apprehensive. While not going as far as Kaine, Tester was more forthright than Pelosi:

“Reviewing the statement I released on Monday – it correlates with my Monday statement. In my initial statement, I expressed significant concerns, which require rectifying.”

When asked if Biden should withdraw, Tester stated: “Refer to the statement I issued on Monday.”

Tester’s statement refrained from indicating whether Biden should continue in the race.

These testimonies manifest a lack of confidence, at the very least. It goes beyond mere hints; however, even a direct call to withdraw is unlikely to persuade the stubborn Bidens to reconsider their stance. To them, it’s all just “fear-mongering,” a derisive analogy highlighted by both Emily Yoffe and Jon Stewart independently.

Biden and his team are taking measures to counter these critiques. Biden is scheduled to host his “major press conference” tomorrow in line with the NATO summit happening in DC, which could potentially showcase some remaining capacity for spontaneous interaction. Additionally, NBCNews disclosed that Biden will engage in a one-on-one recorded interview with Lester Holt on Monday, coinciding with the first night of the GOP convention. Biden previously attempted this with George Stephanopoulos, which did not pan out favorably, certainly not enough to reassure his supporters that his debate fiasco was merely an isolated incident.

Will another recorded interview mitigate concerns? Perhaps, as long as he refrains from impromptu diatribes on diversity being a “benefit” while the cameras are rolling. But given the heightened scrutiny, Biden is unlikely to repeat past missteps, right? Agreed?

As highlighted by Twitchy, the coverage abruptly shifted away once the president began speaking, right? Perhaps Biden should glean a lesson from that.