Jontay Porter – Source: Alika Jenner / Getty

Former NBA star and Toronto Raptor Jontay Porter has admitted guilt in federal court regarding his involvement in a sports betting scandal.

In a recent sports scandal, Jontay Porter and his partners in crime tried to deceive betting platforms, a move that proved to be foolish. The sports betting applications are vigilant in detecting any suspicious betting trends and activities to prevent any form of cheating. Unfortunately, Jontay Porter chose to ignore these restrictions and thought his unethical strategy of using confidential health data for betting would go undetected.

Additionally, deliberately affecting the outcome of two games by leaving early and influencing the odds against yourself is practically an invitation to be caught.

Per KGET, Jontay has confessed his wrongdoing in a New York federal court and is now cooperating with law enforcement. Following his expulsion from the NBA by commissioner Adam Silver, he is also seeking treatment for his gambling addiction.

Aside from pleading guilty to “conspiracy to commit wire fraud,” Porter is implicated along with his four accomplices in this unprecedented case within the sports betting realm. By expelling him from the NBA, a strong message has been sent to other players in the league to maintain clean records.

Furthermore, the upcoming judicial sentencing will reveal the severity of his punishment.