(Photo by Tim Heitman/Getty Images)


In professional sports, it’s not sufficient just to excel as a superstar in the regular season – it’s equally vital to maintain that level of performance during the playoffs.

Another crucial factor for a superstar is consistently being present – as the old saying goes, the greatest ability is availability.

Kawhi Leonard, despite his exceptional talent, has faltered in these aspects, particularly since his tenure with the Los Angeles Clippers.

He opted out of Team USA ahead of the 2024 Summer Olympics because the Clippers have advised him to focus on recovering from a knee injury and gearing up for the upcoming NBA season. This decision has attracted pointed criticism from ESPN personality Stephen A. Smith.

Smith labeled Leonard as “the most undesirable superstar one could ever possess” due to his struggles with staying fit, especially when it matters most, as conveyed on “The OGs Show.”