On Tuesday, Stephen Colbert remarked that one of the potential final candidates for Donald Trump’s running mate might be eliminated for an unexpected reason.

Colbert mentioned that Senator J.D. Vance (R-Ohio) sports facial hair, a feature absent in vice presidents since Schuyler Colfax over a century and a half ago. According to reports, Trump does not like facial hair.

“There’s speculation in Trump’s circle that if J.D. Vance is out, it’s because of the beard,” reporter Mark Caputo stated on Delaware News Hub.

“Wow!” Colbert exclaimed. “Trump detests beards? I mean, why would he possibly dislike…”

Suddenly, the screen displayed an image of Trump’s sons, Eric and Don Jr., both of whom have facial hair.

“Oh, right,” Colbert remarked. “That explains it.”

Watch more from his “Late Show” monologue that aired on Tuesday night: