Elon Musk’s X is at a standstill.

Ever since Musk took over the reins, X, previously referred to as Twitter, has hit a roadblock in terms of expanding its user base. As per a recent study published by the Financial Times, X stands at approximately 251 global daily active users in the second quarter of 2024.

This indicates merely a 1.6 percent rise in users on X compared to the same duration the previous year.

The social platform, then known as Twitter, used to experience substantial growth, attracting tens of millions of new users annually before Musk’s acquisition in October 2022.

In contrast, under Musk’s leadership, X has only seen an increase of slightly over four million users from Q2 2023 to Q2 2024.

Diminished growth at Musk’s X more severe than it seems

The quarterly breakdown of X’s limited daily active user growth presents a somewhat positive view of the platform’s actual situation, as highlighted in the former coverage by Delaware News Hub.

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X hasn’t publicly revealed its daily active user statistics since Musk took the company private. Nonetheless, shortly after Musk’s acquisition, the then-owner of Twitter was quite transparent about the surge in X’s user base – evidently boosted by individuals registering to discover his plans.

In late November 2022, Musk shared a chart indicating that back then, Twitter had gained around five million daily active users in the month post-acquisition. The weekly chart displayed that the platform had 254.5 million daily active users as of Oct. 23, the final full week of Twitter pre-Musk’s takeover. By Nov. 20, as per Musk’s illustration, the platform had 259.4 million daily active users.

The company’s user base of 251 million global daily active users in Q2 2024 essentially regressed to the figures of Oct. 16, 2022, as shown on the chart, just before Elon Musk bought the company on Oct. 28.

As of September 2023, X had asserted it had 245 million daily active users – a number disclosed by the company only after its CEO Linda Yaccarino publicized that the platform had 225 million daily active users during a conference.

This time around, X has opted not to disclose its daily active user statistics, as mentioned in the Financial Times. The company has refuted the reports and stated that it actually witnessed a “significant increase in monthly users in the US and UK between August last year and June this year.” However, X has refrained from providing any data to the Financial Times.

On Tuesday, @XData (X’s official “Data on X” account) disclosed some platform statistics, seemingly as a public reply to the Financial Times report. The account shared metrics such as “daily user seconds” and “daily video views” data. Yet, it still omitted the daily active user statistics – the standard growth measurement metric used in the industry – to counter the claims in the report.

Based on the most recent available data, it seems Elon Musk’s X has forfeited the daily active users it gained post-acquisition and has reverted to its user numbers from before Musk’s involvement in 2022.