They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery – but several tech publications, influencers, and even certain Samsung enthusiasts feel that the consumer electronics giant has taken emulation a step too far this time.

During its major Galaxy Unpacked event on Wednesday, Samsung showcased a range of novel offerings such as smartphones, smartwatches, and earbuds. A stand-out introduction was the Samsung Galaxy Ring, a new health-focused wearable from the brand.


Everything unveiled at Unpacked 2024, from Samsung Galaxy Ring to Galaxy Watch Ultra, and more

However, viewers of the livestream event couldn’t help but notice that some of the flagship new products bore a striking resemblance to Apple.

Samsung faces backlash over ‘imitating’ Apple

Social media users raised various concerns about the products disclosed at this year’s Unpacked, expressing disappointment over the lack of significant updates in the new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6, for instance. 

Nevertheless, a common criticism across different analyses, be it from consumers, reviewers, or journalists, is that Samsung appears to be attempting to “replicate” Apple’s products. 

“Today was a major letdown for Samsung,” remarked YouTuber Quinn Nelson of Snazzy Labs, a tech review channel boasting over one million subscribers. “Watch Ultra is the most shameless imitation of an Apple product in ages — and it’s unsightly.”

“Just when you thought it couldn’t get more imitative,” the YouTube personality continued via his X handle @SnazzyLabs. “Buds3 and Buds3 Pro are replicas of AirPods.”

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Nelson was alluding to Samsung’s fresh Galaxy Watch Ultra smartwatch and its new line of earbuds, the Galaxy Buds 3 series. It appears evident that Samsung launched these two products to rival Apple’s Apple Watch Ultra and its Airpods range. However, for many, the parallels between the two transcended competition and ventured into “copycat” territory.

“Copying and pasting,” shared the Apple Hub account on X, with nearly one million followers, alongside an image of Samsung’s new smartwatch and earbuds juxtaposed with Apple’s iterations of the products.

Upon seeing Samsung and Apple’s smartwatch and earbuds side by side, it becomes difficult to ignore the extent to which Samsung seems to have drawn inspiration from Apple. Alongside allegedly mirroring its product naming convention from Apple, Samsung’s new Galaxy Watch Ultra even sports a nearly identical watch band.

Moreover, it’s not solely social media users and content creators expressing their disapproval. News outlets like The Verge and Business Insider also joined in calling out Samsung for its imitative moves towards Apple.

“Samsung’s latest ‘Ultra’ watch and earbuds are blatant Apple imitations,” reads a headline from Business Insider.

The Verge’s piece, “Samsung’s latest Galaxy Buds are unmistakable AirPod clones in both form and function,” scrutinized Samsung’s Galaxy Buds 3 and censured Samsung for its “subtle in-ear design” in favor of a more “reminiscent of Airpods” approach.

Samsung didn’t just present a range of Apple replicas at Galaxy Unpacked. The brand’s foldable smartphone exists in a league of its own, a category where Apple doesn’t yet have a competitor. Unfortunately, however, Samsung’s new smartwatch and earbuds are such obvious doppelgangers that they seem to have overshadowed other unveilings from the event.

“To witness Samsung simply unleashing a plethora of Apple clones is disheartening,” voiced Apple Insider’s Andrew O’Hara on X. “It’s dull and a huge letdown compared to where Samsung used to stand.”

It’s challenging to dispute that evaluation.